Student Voice



We believe that 'Student Voice' is a vehicle that enables students to become much more involved in the organisational structure of the Academy and the wider community. At Red House Academy, Student Voice can be an effective way to help transform education from the 'bottom up', through student input into Deep Learning, Deep Support and Deep Experience and Deep Leadership.

Students remain at the heart of everything we undertake at the Academy, therefore is it pivotal that Student Voice allows our young people to actively engage in decision making across the college.

The main objectives are to:

  • Engage in constructive dialogue with teachers.
  • Give students the skills and qualities necessary to develop both during their time in the Academy and in future life.
  • Develop their leadership skills by encouraging innovation.
  • Support the needs of other students in the Academy.
  • Embed approaches to teaching and learning that encourage learners to take greater responsibility for their own progress and achievement.