Revision Resources


PiXL Maths - PiXL maths app

GCSE Edexcel Mathematics A - specification, course material, published resources, the latest news on the Pearson qualification website.

Method Maths - online supporting resources to improve GCSE exam preparation.

Maths - GCSE Maths on the BBC Bitesize website.

Collins Revision App - for revising GCSE Maths anywhere with these Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android from Collins Education.

Hegarty Maths - past paper solutions and other resources tailored to your GCSE and A-Level Maths exams PLUS 1015 free videos, guiding you through various topics at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level Maths. is a new maths revision website for GCSE. Full of resources and past papers.

English Literature

The most useful website for revision for Year 11 is the BBC Bitesize English Literature one. This has quizzes and videos on An Inspector Calls and Of Mice and Men - both of which our students are studying.

Media Studies

Structure of the final weeks


Religious Education revision comes in the form of an app (free to download).

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about GCSE Religious Studies. Download GCSE Religious Studies and enjoy it on your mobile device.

GCSE Music


BBC Bitesize revises genres of music and key words -

Key word revision video -

Course specification, past papers and mark schemes:


Revision books students should have on loan from the Music Department:

GCSE Music Revision Guide (pink)

GCSE Music Student Guide (pink)

Pupils should also make use of their key words book (green) and their listening homeworks book (white).

Books available to borrow from the Music Dept:

World of Music - Africa

Word Music

Understanding Popular Music

Music Theory for Dummies

Musicals in Focus

Baroque Music in Focus

Popular Music in the 20th Century

Music: A Very Short Introduction

The Songwriting Sourcebook

Lyrics: Writing Better Words for your Songs

First Steps in Music Theory

Music Worldwide

Pop Music: The Text Book

BTEC Performing Arts


A BBC site useful for exploring learning in the Performing Arts -

Course specification:

Website for Pineapple Performing Arts School -

Index of places to train and work in the industry.


Books available to borrow from the Performing Arts department:

Acting the Song

Acting in Musical Theatre

Auditions: The Essential Guide

and a range of scripts

GCSE Textiles

GCSE Textiles Revision Programme

GCSE Manufacturing

GCSE Manufacturing Revision Programme

GCSE Hospitality

GCSE Hospitality Revision Programme


GCSE AQA Geography - course specification, teaching and learning resources, past papers and mark schemes.

Geography - GCSE Geography on the BBC Bitesize website.

Cool Geography - a website with useful resources to help you to study Geography


History: OCR syllabus B (Modern World). Students may access past papers and mark schemes on the OCR website

Useful tips:

  • encourage students to watch the news. An understanding of current affairs can help with understanding of political issues from the 20th Century;
  • encourage students to create lists of keywords, diagrams and mind maps.

All students in Y11 have an OCR revision guide at home.

World History - GCSE History on the BBC Bitesize website.

GCSE Modern World History - a GCSE Modern World History revision website.


OCR GCSE Latin. Students may access past papers and mark schemes on the OCR website

Students can also use the Cambridge Schools Classics Project online

Students should have at home copies of all set texts (Latin and English) and vocabulary lists.

Useful tips:

  • test students on vocabulary.


Revise your French using the internet

Year 11

All of these websites will help you revise what you need for the Listening and Reading exams.

Excellent website provided by the BBC, organized by skill (eg Reading or Listening) and then by topic

Edexcel French GCSE Past Papers

(the topics are very similar to AQA)

French GCSE practice by topics: crosswords, multiple choices -
French GCSE revision practice available after 4pm for free
French revision site for grammar and topics
French GCSE general revision site with revision advice
Basic vocabulary builder including many games in French

Watch French TV

French: grammar, topics and vocabulary practice