Red House Academy teaches a broad and rich curriculum.
Engineering is the subject specialism based on a study of Maths,
Science, Design & Technology, ICT and Art, underpinned by a
focus on English and Literacy development.

The specialism creates pathways across the curriculum and
makes connections with all other subjects to create a vibrant
and positive Academy community. This is supported by state
of the art facilities, in all curriculum areas, which excite and
enrich the wider community.

Learning and teaching ensures that students develop an
enthusiasm and confidence around all subjects in ways that
will enable them to move forward into further and higher
education according to their individual abilities, aptitudes and
ambitions. Our wider aim is to increase the post-16 participation
rate in all subjects. Red House Academy strives for continuous
improvement in attainment through the sharing of good
practice across all curriculum areas.

Our use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
is extensive and well considered. Employers increasingly seek
candidates who are equipped with a wide range of skills and
competencies for a wide range of jobs.

The focus at Red House Academy is to address the needs of
21st Century organisations looking to recruit the next generation
of talented young people from our local community.

We work alongside relevant partners to provide students with
the appropriate careers guidance. There is an option for more
able and talented students to start Key Stage 4 courses in Year
9. Close partnerships with our sponsors, together with the wider
community, when combined with the first class facilities, give the
Academy the opportunity to be a Centre of Excellence.