End of Term Letter

21st Dec 2017

End of Term Letter

19th December 2017

Dear Parent/Carers,

As the busy period but productive term draws to an end I would like to update you on a couple of issues:-

Contact details - We are updating our records and recently sent a letter to all parents with a form to be completed to give us all the information we need. It is vital that we have accurate contact numbers/address etc, so that we can contact parents/carers when necessary e.g, if your child has an accident or if we need to close the academy at short notice. If you have not already returned the form, please do so as soon as possible.

Attendance - At Red House we have exceptionally high expectations of our students, and as part of this your child's attendance is crucial to their success. In the last two weeks we have completed assemblies with all students highlighting how attendance can positively or negatively affect their life chances. We have also rewarded students for their continued exceptional attendance.

As you know, a good education gives your child the best possible start in life. A good education helps young people to obtain secure employment and develop into mature and responsible citizens. We therefore must highlight that students must been in school at all times, unless there is a genuine illness.

On the first day of absence a phone call to the school to explain the reasons why, from yourselves, must be made. Our attendance team may do a home visit from the second day onwards. As a parent, you must let the school know if your child is absent and the reason why.

Students at Red House will be regularly rewarded for outstanding attendance in assemblies and other ways. An example of this was the attendance breakfast that a Year 7 Tutor group won - where they were treated to an array of sandwiches and chocolate treats. Well done to them! Should you have any queries about this please do not hesitate to contact the academy.

Uniform/Equipment - All students have been measured for black trousers, when they arrive they will be given to students. Moving forward black trousers similar to the ones provided will be academy uniform. Trousers should have a normal fit, please note 'skinny fit', leggings, jeggings, denim etc, are not acceptable. We reserve the right to decide on the suitability of trousers for school as some shops will sell trousers labelled as school trousers that are not appropriate (all other aspects of uniform policy remain the same). If you would like clarification please contact your child's Head of Year with any queries or questions.

In addition students should have a school bag with the academy planner and pencil case in it every day.

Pledges - The 'Pledges' initiative has been launched to all students this half term. This promotes enrichment activity in and out of the academy, helping students to understand the value of extra-curricular involvement, gain confidence and valuable life experiences as well as develop a range of skills. Pledge completion will be tracked by each student using their 'Pledges Passport' and recorded and monitored by form tutors using the 'Pledges Tracker' system. Students must achieve targets for pledge completion, attendance and effort in lessons to enable them to attend the Year 11 prom and graduate from Year 8, depending on their current year group. For example:

Year 11 Prom

Current Year 11 students must achieve at least 2 pledges by May half-term 2018.

Current Year 10 students must achieve at least 3 pledges by May half-term 2019.

Current Year 9 students must achieve at least 5 pledges by May half-term 2020.

Year 8 Graduation

Current Year 8 students must achieve at least 2 pledges by May half-term 2018.

Current Year 7 students must achieve at least 3 pledges by May half-term 2019.

Please see the Academy website for further information regarding the 'Pledges' initiative and a copy of the student 'Pledges Passport'.

Reading - Here at the academy, we are absolutely certain that regular reading for pleasure makes a tangible difference to students' lives. Not only does it allow them to escape to times and places completely outside of their usual experience, but it is also universally agreed by academics that it equates to improved GCSE results.

Students in Years 7 and 8 have been enrolled into our 'Accelerated Reader' programme and should always have a book from the school library on them in their school day; students in Years 9 and 10 will be issued with a reading book in the weeks to come. Students in all year groups should make sure that they are reading regularly and often, for a minimum of 20 minutes each day. You can support them by listening to them read; reading the same book as they are and discussing the plot with them; or simply by making conversations about reading part of your usual interaction with them.

Please don't feel that they need to be confined to fiction texts: non-fiction books are equally as valuable to enrich their reading journey. Reading one article a day from a quality broadsheet newspaper's website, such as The Guardian, would also be invaluable in helping them to achieve academic glory.

Medication - We are moving towards a policy of only administering medication if it is prescribed by a doctor. Please do not ask us to administer medication unless it is prescribed.

Key Dates:-

Friday 22nd December 2017 - Academy closes at 2:40pm

Monday 8th January 2018 - Academy opens

Thursday 18th January 2018 - Guided pathways evening (parents) interview with students (Y8)

Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February 2018 - Half Term

Monday 19th February 2018 - INSET Day school closed for students

Monday 5th February 2018 - Deadline for all student pathway choices (Y8 to Y9)

Monday 5th March - Friday 9th March 2018 - STEP 4 achievement week

Thursday 8th March 2018 - Y7-Y11 Parents teacher consultation evening 3:30-6:30pm

Monday 19th March - Friday 23rd March - Year 10 Exams

Thursday 29th March 2018 - School closes at 2:40pm

The young people have made great progress this term. For example from STEP1 to STEP 2 Year 11 have increased their exam score by 11 marks on average across the subjects - in just 6 weeks.

I thank you for your continued support for the Academy and wish you all a restful and peaceful Christmas. I look forward to working with you all in the New Year to ensure that all our students have a very successful 2018.

Yours sincerely

Mrs J Kennedy