Ship of Souls

5th Jan 2017

Ship of Souls

This ship was created in November 2016 by eight Year 8 students working in collaboration with ceramic artists Mark Burns Cassell and Emily Nolan. The project was one of many which took place in Sunderland in Autumn 2016 as part of Sunderland Journey to Justice. Journey to Justice aims to inspire and empower young people to take action for social justice through learning from human rights movements and the arts.

The students worked for 2 days designing the 'planks' which form the hull of the ship. The designs relate to the Atlantic Slave Trade and responses to it. The ship acknowledges Sunderland's important place in maritime history and also its connection to the slave trade. Sunderland has also been a world class pottery manufacturer.

The students who took part were: Stanley Allan, Tom Anderson, Kyle Black, Edward Brown, Vincent Hessel, Jak Hunter, Ebony Robins and Harvey Teasdale.

Funding for the project was secured by Sunderland Journey to Justice and paid for by The Arts Council.