Work Discovery Sunderland

Work Discovery Sunderland is a unique initiative set up set up by the city's Economic Leadership Board: Business and Schools Task Group to help forge stronger links between the city's employers and the future workforce. Amanda Searle (Careers Co-ordinator) is part of this Task Group. Work Discovery Sunderland includes three main programmes: Work Discovery Week, Sector Days and Speaker Days. Activities include workshops, careers fairs, business challenges, company visits, talks from employers, etc., all offering students an insight into the world of work - helping them discover new opportunities.

Work Discovery Week: This is an annual programme of informative and fun activities offered to our Year 10 students. The event gives students access to some of the city's biggest employers.

Sector Days: Our Year 10 and 11 students are able to get involved in sector days throughout the year for industries including: health, utilities. hospitality, engineering and manufacturing, retail, ICT, etc.

Guest Speaker Days: Year 9 students are able to attend guest speaker days throughout the year, giving them the chance to listen to motivational talks by leaders from some of the North East top businesses.

All activities are designed to encourage and inspire students and give them the information they need to make informed decisions about their futures.

Industrial Cadets: Work Discovery Sunderland is partnered with the Industrial Cadets Scheme, which allows students taking part in Work Discovery to work towards either a bronze or silver level Industrial Cadet award.