Inspiring IAG Quality Award

Inspiring IAG has been designed to provide a good practice framework and recognition of high quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) for organisations that are providing support services for young people. Inspiring IAG is a three stage process, Bronze Standard, Silver Standard and Gold Award.

Organisations progress through each stage where it is validated and assessed. The process helps organisations to identify areas for development as well as recognising good practice in CEIAG. Six key areas run through each stage of the award: (1) Management and Leadership, (2) Design and Delivery of CEIAG, (3) Working with Partners, (4) Information and Communication, (5) Outcomes for Young People and (6) Involving Parents and Carers.

In December 2016, Red House Academy achieved 'The Quality in Careers Standard' the national quality award for careers education, information, advice and guidance provision.

Code of Practice:

The aim of the award is to:

  • Ensure young people get the support they need to make well informed, realistic decisions about their future through careers education, information, advice and guidance.
  • Have appropriate, up to date, accurate and impartial information and resources that all young people can access regardless of race, gender, religion, ability, disability, social background or sexual orientation.
  • Ensure the organisational policies relating to careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) are up to date regularly reviewed and reflect this code of practice.
  • Empower young people by informing them of how they can access CEIAG to help them plan their future and make well informed, realistic decisions.
  • Offer all young people access to impartial and independent careers guidance by a qualified guidance professional, at a time and place that suits their needs.
  • Ensure that all staff working with young people are offered and access ongoing training about qualifications/progression pathways and other relevant subjects.
  • Work in partnership, where appropriate, with opportunity providers including employers, FE and training providers, and youth support services.
  • Working with parents/carers to offer them information, advice and guidance to help them, help their son/daughter.
  • Involve young people in the design, delivery and evaluation of CEIAG programmes.
  • Promote equality of opportunity, celebrating diversity, challenging stereotypes and raising aspirations.